Council Approves Closure of Civic Center Road for Parrot Tailings Removal


Hello all and welcome to KBMF’s wrap up of last weeks meeting of the Butte Silver Bow Council of Commissioners. I’m Daniel Hogan and every week we will look back at actions taken by the legislative body of our government and look forward to tonight’s agenda which can be heard live on KBMF starting at 7:30 pm.

So let’s get started.

The February 24th agenda began with a special meeting concerning the closure of Civic Center Road for continued removal and remediation of tailings at the site of the former Parrot Smelter.

The mine waste still underground at the site continues to pollute silver bow creek and a massive excavation effort has been underway since 2018. Phase one of the removal took place on the north side of Civic Center Road and phase two will be concentrated around the old county shops and underneath the road itself. The area will be regraded and a new paved road will be put in it’s place.

The walking trail along Silver Bow Creek is also going to be closed, Commissioner Sorich brought this up as a concern.

Questions about the timeline for completion also came up.

The area behind the Center will change dramatically in the coming years so if you are partial to it’s current innocuous charm get your keepsake photos now.

Not much of note happened after that, although there seems to be a conversation brewing about hoofed livestock in city limits and we will keep you informed of that story as it develops in council chambers.

Coming up on tonight’s agenda; declaring March Irish American Heritage Month, the demolition of a home on state street and the executive action taken by Chief Executive Gallagher and Public Works Director Mark Neary on the Blue Range Building.

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