Butte Silver Bow Council of Commissioners Weighs Waiving Fees for Tavern Owners


Hello all and welcome to KBMF’s wrap up of last weeks meeting of the Butte Silver Bow Council of Commissioners. I’m Daniel Hogan and every week we will look back at actions taken by the legislative body of our government and look forward to tonight’s agenda which can be heard live on KBMF starting at 7:30 pm.

So let’s get started.

As I’m sure your aware, the COVID 19 pandemic has had an impact on how government meetings take place and since last March the Council has used the internet to meet. As of the 16th of February, per Chief Executive Gallagher’s directive, all government buildings will reopen to the public with strict COVID restrictions such as masks. Council Chair Cindi Shaw has this update about what that means for the Council.

Council Chair Shaw also commented on BSB’s stance as it relates to Governor Greg Gianforte repealing the statewide mask mandate.

And now getting into the consent agenda for last Wednesday’s meeting; the meat of discussion took place over Communication #2021-20, a request from Thomas Davis Jr. of the Silver Bow Tavern Association that the council either waive or drastically reduce fees for beverage, beer and wine licenses, retail food licenses and catering licenses for 2021.

Mr. Davis of the Tavern Association started off the discussion.

This item has been on the agenda for several weeks and as struggling business is a major concern for our elected leaders it seems they did want to explore every option by looking at the budgetary necessity of those beer, wine and food licenses before reducing or removing them.

Commissioner Sorich had a question about fairness

Most members voiced there sympathies to Mr. Davis and all business owners but decided it just wasn’t doable, this included commissioner Josh O’Neill-who is a drinker

Commissioner Sorich then swooped in with a motion to deny and Madame Chair Cindi Shaw delivered her final thoughts on the matter.

The motion to deny was passed by a vote of 8-3.

Looking forward to tonight’s meeting which will be broadcast live here on KBMF 102.5 at 7:30, there are two public hearings; one concerning the tax exempt status of affordable housing on Continental Drive. And another on proposed changes to Butte Silver Bow’s Zoning Map.

Due to the virtual nature of the Council Meetings, if you would like to provide comment on these public hearings or or any issue, you must either call 406 497-5009 to submit verbal comment or submit written comment via email to public-input@bsb.mt.gov

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That’s all for this weeks council wrap, we’ll see ya next time