2018 Pledge Drive

Every June, KBMF takes to the airwaves to ask listeners to pledge their support for this important community asset. Donated dollars go directly toward the operating costs of the radio station, including rent, utilities, subscriptions, and staff stipends. Along with grants and business sponsorships, the annual pledge drive is a crucial source of much-needed funding for this independent, non-commercial broadcasting service.

This year’s fundraising goal is $15,000, enough for the station to run for about 7 months. KBMF is also asking 100 donors to subscribe to $20 per month. Click here to sign up for a monthly subscription. When you donate, you'll be able to choose from some of these thank-you gifts below.


KBMF Pen and Sticker Set - Comes with any donation over $15.

This includes a clickable KBMF pen, as well as two new KBMF stickers, printed courtesy of Copper City Sign and Awning.

KBMF Hat $20

The all-new KBMF Hat! Features adjustable sizing and is printed locally at The Copper Tee.

KBMF Skull Design T-Shirt $25

The all-new KBMF skull design, created by Zorca, and available in a characteristiacally black t-shirt with white print. Made locally by The Copper Tee.

KBMF News Team Limited Edition T-Shirt $25

Support the KBMF News Team with this limited run of specially designed shirts. Artwork is by Jim "Hamer" Duran.

Carpenters Union Hall Grocery Bag $25

Local folk artist Peg Amtzis donated this wonderful painting of the Carpenters Union Hall, the home of KBMF. Shop in style with this limited edition grocery bag, offered only during the 2018 pledge drive.

KBMF 2018 Coffee Mug $25

Keep up on your KBMF coffee mug collection with this new 2018 design, provided by KBMF's Zorca Stefanac.

2018 KBMF Hoodie $60

The 2018 KBMF Hoodie design is in! Keep warm while supporting your favorite community radio station. Comes in black, blue, or grey, with white print.

Design by Zorca.


Letterpress posters made by Christa Carleton $50

These limited edition letterpress posters are 12'' x 14''
and were hand-pulled by letterpress artist
Christa Carleton.

Limited edition of 40.

Many thanks to Christa! Find her work online at