Little Dog Takes to the Airwaves in a Big Way

DJ Ruthie Rue, in her final training session as a KBMF DJ

DJ Ruthie Rue, in her final training session as a KBMF DJ

Butte, Montana
May 5th, 2019

In an inspiring and elucidating example of inter-species collaboration, KBMF volunteer program host Rockin’ Rodney (Host of the Spaced in Time show on Sunday mornings) has brought DJ Ruthie Rue to the airwaves. The small dog is now controlling the mixing console all on her own, thanks to the tutelage of Rockin’ Rodney, who says she took to the airwaves like a dog to water.

“I brought her in with me to do the show one day, and she just starting searching the internet for her favorite songs, turned the faders up on the mixing console til the needles were poppin’ in the red, and cranked up the speakers. It was then that I knew she was destined to be a canine DJ.”

DJ Ruthie 001.JPG

DJ Ruthie Rue has undergone the same training process as all of KBMF’s human volunteers, with three buddy sessions to get her comfortable operating all the radio equipment. She has now completed her training and is coming in on a regular basis to curate her canine selections for the KBMF audience. Rockin’ Rodney will continue to provide Ruthie Rue with transportation to the KBMF studio until she can learn to operate a motor vehicle on her own, which he says is in the works.

Asked about her stunning achievement of becoming a certified purveyor of poochy tunes at KBMF, Ruthie Rue grinned and wagged her tail, simply saying “Ruff.”

This is a developing story.

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