Fourth of July Parade Marshals Announced

Butte America Foundation (BAmF) is pleased to announce this year's Fourth of July Parade Marshals and Honorary Marshals. 

Parade Marshals

Butte Spirit of the Columbia Gardens Carousel team in recognition of the vision, unrelenting hard work, and joyous celebration of community history. May today's children of Butte enjoy the same sense of thrill and wonder riding the magnificently carved steeds as our city's earlier families did for so many years.

Honorary Parade Marshals

Mia and Beau Miller for the enormous strength and goodwill they have exhibited throughout an incredibly difficult year. The ever-expanding support that has grown up around the newlywed couple speaks to Butte's phenomenal generosity of spirit. We wish Mia and Beau a healthy and happy summer.

The Butte Fourth of July parade will begin at 10am, Wednesday, July 4th at the Civic Center and proceed down Harrison to Elizabeth Warren Avenue. See you there!

For all inquiries, please contact Matt Boyle at 406-498-3549 or email