KBMF's Standing Rock Coverage

The KBMF News Team went to Standing Rock several times throughout the demonstrations in late 2016. This resulted in the creation of several documentaries, newspaper articles and a photo series. 

Clark Grant accompanied other KBMF staff to Standing Rock to cover the Oceti Sakowin camp activities, and get a sense for KBMF's listeners back in Butte about how the demonstrations were taking place. The trip was made possible by membership of the Butte America Foundation and their partnership with Indian People's Action. The interviews featured in this documentary were recorded in an RV donated by longtime KBMF supporter Jim Guidry. The KBMF News Team would walk around the camp and meet with people of varying perspectives and backgrounds, and bring them back to the RV, which was basically a mobile recording studio. The News Team happened to be in the camp the night of the incident at Backwater Bridge, and sounds from police activities that night are featured in this documentary, as well as personal narratives from a variety of academics, activists and camp organizers.

Daniel Hogan is a member of the KBMF News Team, and traveled to Standing Rock during the final days of the camp. He and other members of the team were present for the fires that eventually consumed the major structures of the Oceti Sakowin camp, resulting in the end of the demonstrations and conclusion of the regular hostilities between police and demonstrators. Daniel's personal narrative feature tells the story of his experience at this dramatic period in the life of the NODAPL movement.

Photo Credit: Dark Sevier

Photo Credit: Dark Sevier

Dark Sevier is a lifelong photographer and documentarian, and a member of the KBMF News Team. His coverage of Standing Rock was utilized by newspapers and blogs around the country. Find the complete collection of his photos here and here

Suzanne Stefanac went to Standing Rock a total of three times, and brought back stories that she shared with Butte's local newspaper, the Montana Standard. Find her article about the incident at Backwater Bridge here. Suzanne's coverage of Standing Rock was also published in more than 40 newspapers nationwide.