Clark Grant - KBMF General Manager, Documentarian. Musician.
Dark Sevier - KBMF Music Director, environmental artist, photographer.
Suzanne Stefanac - KBMF DJ. Lifelong journalist. Former Director American Film Institute's Digital Content Lab. Former executive producer for MSNBC's "The Site," an hour-long nightly program about how technology affects peoples' lives.

KBMF-LP 102.5 is a non-commercial radio station in Butte, Montana founded on the principles of community access to media and social justice.

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With backgrounds in radio, television, fine art photography and digital media, we propose a series of documentaries that explore timely issues around water. We live in Butte, Montana, the largest Super Fund site in the United States. We understand better than most the dangers inherent in contaminated waters, but at the same time we know first-hand the value in an informed citizenry dedicated to education and rehabilitation. 

While our initial emphasis is on radio, the phenomenal visuals in the camps and on the front lines beg to be documented. We have the skill sets, if not the full technology assets, to complement the audio documentaries with video suitable for broadcast and online dissemination. Ideally, we would complement the longer documentaries with short (5-15 minute) consumables that we post regularly throughout the documentary process.

For the first in a series of radio documentaries, we propose an overview of the Standing Rock Sioux movement taking place in North Dakota. We've twice spent time in the camps observing and conducting interviews and have since studied pertinent treaty laws; the impact a pipeline leak could have on the reservation's drinking water, the Missouri River itself, and on the culture of the affected tribes; the alarming use of militarized weapons and tactics being used by law enforcement against individuals practicing their right to protest; and finally, the remarkable coming together of a wide and disparate body of supporters from all over the world, all determined to prove that bravery, persistence and good will can not only stop an ill-advised pipeline, it can help to inspire a larger audience to wise environmental choices and a willingness to stand up for what you believe. 

As a sample of what we can offer, here's a link to a one-hour audio documentary Clark Grant put together after our first visit to Standing Rock. In addition to interviews that provide a humanized window onto the movement, it details the violence of the attacks on the water protectors on the night of November 20.


Dark Sevier took thousands of photos at Standing Rock. He provided many of the most telling images for free use via a creative commons license. You can view some of the photos here.


With proper funding, we will continue returning to Standing Rock where Native allies have agreed to help us tell the truest story. Donations will help defray travel expenses, the acquisition of survival gear, video cameras and editing equipment, as well as insuring that we have the proper time to do the project justice.

Two subsequent documentaries on our docket include an exploration of the Butte, Montana environmental crisis with its extreme community involvement and a documentary with and about our South African sister station, Nongoma-FM. The founder of the radio station Zulu Prince Sbo is our staunch ally and would like to tell their own story of water in a post-colonial world. Here's our newspaper article about the KBMF/Nongoma FM relationship.



From left: Isaiah Otherbull, Alonzo willis, dark sevier, jill, suzanne stefanac, clark grant

From left: Isaiah Otherbull, Alonzo willis, dark sevier, jill, suzanne stefanac, clark grant