Thank you.

Once a year, the KBMF staff and volunteers host a week-long fundraiser on the air. This event is designed to raise funds to pay for the operational costs of the radio station, including staff stipends, rent, royalties payments, and other essential costs to keep KBMF on the air. The station is committed to only one one-air fundraiser per year, and is sustained through grant writing and underwriting sales throughout the remainder of the year.

The 2017 Pledge Drive brought in $14,313.50 from over 160 donors. People stretching from Oregon to Florida donated an average $88 per person. The third day of the drive, June 13th, was the highest-grossing fundraising day, with more than $4600 donated over the phone, through the website, and in person on that day.

KBMF will use these funds to continue their non-commercial radio service, and to train more Butte community members in the art of audio editing and news making. KBMF aspires to develop a small news department that can cover issues of local and regional significance with regularity.

The Butte America Foundation, the license holder for the radio station, will also introduce an Americorps VISTA volunteer into the organization this year, which will help to build the capacity of the Foundation and its projects to better serve the Butte community. This VISTA volunteer will help facilitate dialogue, in the form of on-air forums, with Montana Tech scientists and students. KBMF will be turning significant resources and attention towards better understanding of the science of the Berkeley Pit and the larger Superfund situation in Butte.