Complete Recording of Montana Standard's Chief Executive's Forum

On Thursday, May 12th, the Montana Standard hosted a Chief Executive's Forum where candidates for Butte-Silver Bow's highest elected office made a statement and answered a series of questions from newspaper editor David McCumber. Present were Jim Fisher, David Palmer, Cindy Perdue-Dolan, Mark Reavis, Sarge Rowling and Matt Vincent. Questions ranged from concerns about roads and the proposed public pool to Superfund cleanup and the Berkeley Pit.

Hear the complete audio of the forum here:

This recording and live broadcast was made possible by KBMF, a project of the Butte America Foundation. Thanks to Pastor Tim Christensen and the Montana Standard.

Tune in on Monday, May 16th at 7pm to hear the Butte Weekly's Contested Candidates' Forum live from the Racetrack Fire Hall.