HeartStock Radio produces one-hour piece on Parrot Tailings

HeartStock Radio, where business and consciousness intersect, is a KBMF production hosted by Carole Murphy and produced by Clark Grant. In this special one-hour episode, Carole takes a closer look at the Parrot Tailings, a former smelter site in Butte, MT that is the subject of vigorous debate between the State of Montana, citizen groups and the Environmental Protection Agency.

The following voices are featured in the program:

  • Raelynn Canole, Clark Fork Watershed Education Program

  • Mary Kay Craig, coordinator, Citizens for Labor and Environmental Justice

  • Pat Cuneen, Natural Resources Damages Council

  • David McCumber, editor, The Montana Standard

  • Susan Dunlap, environmental reporter, The Montana Standard

  • Joe Griffin, Montana Department of Environmental Quality (retired)

  • Karen Sullivan, Butte-Silver Bow Health Department director

  • Melody Rice, owner of Artistic Solutions/LCPC

  • Larry Curran, Butte Natural Resource Damage Restoration Council

  • Bill Macgregor, Citizens Technical Environmental Committee

  • Rick Griffith, Project Green

  • Nikia Green, Environmental Protection Agency

  • Fritz Daily

  • Pastor Tim Christensen, Gold Hill Lutheran Church