Rabble Rouser Rifle Raffle #2: Repair the Hall

The Butte America Foundation (BAmF) has launched a second Rabble Rouser Rifle Raffle in order to raise funds for the continued renovation of the Carpenters Union Hall, Montana's oldest labor temple. Only 200 tickets will be sold at $20 each.

The goal: If the $3,000 fundraising goal is met from this raffle, BAmF will be able to pay for new electrical service on the second floor of the Carpenters Union Hall, a space that has not been in regular use in over 30 years. This new electrical service will provide dedicated power to upstairs offices housing KBMF's transmitter, as well as lights and outlets in the second floor ballroom.

Join us in our mission to repair and renovate the Carpenters Union Hall, the second project of significance for the Butte America Foundation. Fans of KBMF will have a vested interest in the repair of the Carpenters Hall, our home. Purchase tickets by emailing butteamericafoundation@gmail.com or gm@butteamericaradio.org. or stop by the radio station at 156 W Granite.

More about the rifle: http://www.browning.com/products/firearms/rifles/blr/current-production/blr-lightweight-81.html